The Best Way to Avoid Getting Tickets!

Well, as you probably guessed, this is the easiest section of all. The best way to avoid getting speeding tickets is to go at or under the speed limit! Many people will say that cops don't care if you are going 10 MPH over the speed limit, this is untrue. Almost 10 years ago when some of the southern states raised their speed limits on I-95 to 65, officers were told to ticket vehicles traveling at 66 MPH and over. More recently, in Maryland, after the speed limit was raised from 55 MPH to 65 MPH, Governor Spendenning told the state police to ticket vehicles traveling at 66 MPH and over! A local DJ was was complaining on the radio about the Governor's enforcement policy after being given a 66 MPH speeding ticket.

Another way to avoid getting a ticket is to be alert and on the lookout. Checking your rear view mirror often to make sure there are no cars behind you and that there are no police cars ahead of you. Passing police cars is a definite no-no! Cops get pretty ticked off when you pass them and are sure to write you a ticket.

If you are using a radar detector and still get pulled over, make sure to remove the detector BEFORE the cop even gets close to your car. Most cops will tell you that if you want to play the game using a radar detector, they will give you written confirmation that they have won.

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