Avoiding Points in Court

So, the very nice police officer has given you a speeding ticket and now you are scrambling to keep your driving record clear of points. What do you do now? Well, throughout this page I will go over several ways to completely avoid getting points in court. Now this won't work all the time, but it should cover you in most cases. Everything in this document holds true for other minor traffic violations as well.

The whole purpose of this site is to keep you from getting points on your driving record, not winning the case, and not keep you from getting a fine. In about 80% of the cases, you will be found guilty, given a reduction in points, and charged a fine and court costs.

The following items will help you to keep points from appearing on your driving record.

The Best Way to Avoid Getting Tickets!
The Most Important Five Minutes of Court
Should You Even Appear!
What You Should Plead
What To Do If You Get Hung
Why this Web Page was Created
Links to some other Driving Related Pages


As you can probably guess, this page has a disclaimer like everything else in the world. If you happen to follow my suggestions and end up getting the electric chair, don't blame me. I am not a lawyer and don't claim to be. I am only relating from my own experiences. Your mileage may vary. Neither myself, Believe Wireless, LLC,, the State of Maryland, nor anyone else endorses these pages. So you can't hold us responsible!
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