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Jerque du Jour
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The Anti Speeding Ticket Page
The WWW Speedtrap Registry
Reasonable Drivers Unanimous Home Page
Garden State Parkway Police Guide

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ESCORT Online (Formerly Cincinatti Microwave, the makers of detectors)
Visit the Escort Library -- lots of useful info for the cronic speeder!
Shameless plugs for their products...
Kustom Signals, Inc. (makers of radar/lidar guns/equipment) - Two links: and
K40 Electronics (makers of radar/lidar detection equipment)
A very good site... a few shameless plugs.. useful info
CopCar Registry (associated with the Speedtrap Registry))
Scanner/Radar Detector Laws by State
Successful Speeding
What to do if you are stopped for speeding
National Motorists Association
R.A.D.A.R. (Radio Association Defending Airwave Rights, Inc.)
FAQ: California Driving (and Surviving)
Frequently Asked Questions on Police Lidar
California Office of Traffic Safety
It's Only Speeding If You Get Caught By Rick Finley
Speeding is F U N
Never get another speeding ticket (Radar City)
Tips on Speeding in the USA

Thanks to mark DShark for the following link.
Here's a link for the people in CA that have to put up with all that emissions crap!

Thanks to J. Michael Cain, Director of Research, SENSE Society for Safety by Education, Not Speed Enforcement for the following link.
Although this applies mostly to people in British Columbia, it is a great Photo Radar site.

The homepage for the National Coalition for the Abolition of Speed Limits!
The site contains information about each state's speed limit, the status of current legislation to raise the limit in 12 states, and links to other speeding sites.

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