Why this Web Page was Created

I've probably received over 30 tickets in the last 10 years, and several other warnings. This past year alone I recieved 6 tickets! (I've beat 5 so far!) I've only received 1 point in my whole life, and that was for speeding on a military base. (Never speed on military bases!) I hear of so many people getting tons of points for only recieving one or two tickets. The reason I fight these tickets is so that my insurance rates don't go up. I have a fast car and would surely be dropped if my insurance company ever found out.

During the last court case that I walked out of, I saw a lot of people getting stronger fines and more points than they normally would. I saw the judge throw the book at two 16 year old kids for traveling more than 30 MPH over the speed limit. His decision will cause both boys to lose their license at least until they are 18 and in one case probably until the boy is 19. I feel that hammering these kids with this kind of sentence is wrong and citizens should know all of the proper steps to avoiding the costly consequences.

I don't feel that speed limits have been established and enforced to protect people. They are simply to generate revenue. If this is the case, then fine, I'll pay the fine and court costs, just don't give me points so that my car insurance company can drop me and I'll end up paying $6000 a year for insurance. This is the best weapon that I can give you to help you fight the government and its stupid policies.

I also don't do too well at talking my way out of getting the ticket in the first place. I've tried several times, but I guess I'm no good at it. (A friend of mine seems to talk the cop out of it every time!) So, I've found ways to beat the system and keep my record clean. This is all a big gamble, and you can end up getting burned, but in my experience, you will win if you follow my practices.

Good luck in court! I wish you the best.

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